Polka dots for Christmas

Don’t you just hate it when you head out to buy something new and can’t find anything? A few days before Christmas I headed into the shops with the intention of getting a new outfits for Christmas Day and I could literally not find anything that I wanted! It was so frustrating! So in the end I was practical and instead of a sparkly dress that I would wear once and then put to the back of the wardrobe I chose a polka dot shirt and some raspberry heels from New Look to wear with my classic black jeans! I then popped on my brand new rose gold Olivia Burton watch that I got from my parents for Christmas, paired with some new rose gold jewellery they bought me! I also got this red handbag (which was on my wishlist so not a huge surprise!) which just happened to tie in perfectly!   

 I love the oversized shirt look and felt that the coloured heels really added a pop to my monochrome outfit. This is the kind of thing I love to wear to work as well so it will get plenty of wear! Paired with my new Urban Decay lipstick (which I am in love with!) and some sparkly eyeshadow and of course my usual winged eyeliner, I felt just the right amount of dressed up for Christmas Day, although the heels were maybe a little high for running around after a two year old all day! An evening on the sofa in my slippers was much needed!


Shirt Jeans Bag Lipstick Shoes Pallette  Watch 

Disclaimer: As always, this post has not been sponsored in anyway and all opinions are my own!

A last minute weekend away to Copenhagen: Part 1

When it comes to planning holidays –  I usually do it all in advance with hotels and flights meticulously researched and planned and . However, when both Euan and I had a day’s holiday leftover at the end of the year we decided to book a very last minute trip away. We went onto sky scanner, put in our dates and just picked the first place which had cheap flights! So off to Copenhagen we went!!

We booked a great apartment via Airbnb (see here) in the Islands Brygge area which was just 15 minutes away from the airport on the metro. We arrived late on Saturday and had a late lunch with prosecco followed by dinner at the house of Kirk and Svenja, friends who moved to Copenhagen a few months ago – was lovely to hear about what to do in Copenhagen from locals! Was also great to catch up with them as we realised it had been almost two  years since we had last seen them!

Our second morning started with my favourite thing to do in any city –  yep, a walking tour! We had a great Danish guy called Magnus who was the best tour guide and told us so many interesting facts about the city. It might have been the greyest, windiest and at times wettest day of sightseeing I have ever had (including Amsterdam last year) but we ended up having a great day!

We started at the town hall,Rådhuspladsen, just opposite the famous Tivoli Gardens



We meandered through cobbled streets, stopping off for interesting stories about Copenhagen through the ages!



Our next big stop was the Danish parliament buildings where we learnt a lot about the Danish political system –  this is my favourite thing about walking tours, you learn not only about the main tourist attractions but about what it would be like to live there.

IMG_1022 IMG_1021 IMG_0970 IMG_0969


We walked on to Nyhaven is the pretty and slighly tourist part of Copenhagen, with a Christmas market on filled with glogg, a Danish mulled wine, and hotdogs, which are well worth a try. This is the area on the canal with brightly painted houses and. This was also the area where Hans Christian Anderson lived in. The famous Hotel D’Angleterre is one of Europe’s most luxurious hotels and was the headquarters of the Nazis during WWII and we heard lots of interesting stories about life in Denmark when they were occupied which was fascinating to hear!



Our final stop of the day was the Royal Palaces and  Frederik’s church, a beautiful basilica.

IMG_0980 IMG_0979 IMG_0978

After our walking tour finished we headed to the Nørrebro area in the North of Copenhagen and had a wander through Assistens Kirkegård, the famous cemetery where famous Danes such as Hans Christian Anderson, Søren Kierkegaard, Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, and Christen Købke. It is kind of strange having a graveyard that also acts as a part but it makes for an interesting walk and apparently in summer it is beautiful with green trees lining all the paths.

IMG_1016 IMG_1015 IMG_1008 IMG_1005 IMG_0990 IMG_0988 IMG_0987 IMG_0989

At the end of the cemetery, there is a street called Jægersborggade which is filled with cute cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. We headed into Coffee Collective, a coffee shop which dos incredible coffee for a coffee before grabbing a late lunch at a wine bar on the street.



After an entire day of walking, where we managed to walk about 20km – I was completely exhausted so rather than a dinner out somewhere, we headed to the supermarket and grabbed some red wine and stuff to make dinner and had an evening on the couch listening to the howling wind. Our motto on holiday is to do exactly what we enjoy and to not feel pressurised into doing too much so this was the perfect end to a lovely day in Copenhagen!


Skål –  thats Danish for Cheers!!






Latest reads – Christmas posts I love

I am a major lover of blogs, my daily commute is often spent scrolling through my newsfeed on blog Bloglovin’. While I regularly read my favourite blogs, I never really share these posts so in the run up to Christmas I thought I would put together a few posts I have seen recently that I have loved!

  1. Following Australian blogger Carly at Let Us Wanderlust totally disorientates me as down under it is the middle of summer and all her summery posts make me feel like I am in the wrong season! While blueberry mojitos might not work on Christmas Eve here, I am bookmarking this recipe to come back to in the summer as they look delicious! Check out the recipe here!
  2. Over on Nishantishu, Freya’s post of The Quiet Winter has really inspired me to try and take it a little easier in January and February, maybe focus more on my health and wellbeing and to try and save money for all the travels I want to take in 2016. More on my new year resolutions soon!
  3. The Christmas Coffee Date from Cider with Rosie –  I love Rosie’s blog, not just for the dreamy photos, but because I find it so real and unpretentious and I look forward to every post! I loved this post on Rosie and her husband’s annual Christmas Starbucks coffee date and it made me literally want to a) get a gingerbread latte and b) get a puppy!!
  4. There is nothing I love more than stationary –  seriously I love it so much that I have had to curb my habit of buying brand new notebooks so when  I saw this post over on The Londoner, I have felt a dying need to visit this store in Covent Garden! I am going to try and be more organised and positive thinking and mindfulness in the new year so I feel like I desperately need one of their planners and a thankfulness book……

If like me, you love blogs – I can’t recommend Bloglovin’ enough –  all your blogs you like to read in one place, plus a great way to find out about new blogs! Here is the link to my page!