Time for a rest


WOW it really has been quite a break from blogging.The reason….honestly, I have felt terrible all of January, completely exhausted which has sapped all motivation and creativity right out of me. I had been trying to eat healthier and exercise more and while this has been (semi) successful, by the time I got home from work at 7pm I pretty much just wanted to pass out and go to sleep, with making dinner being more effort than I could bear.  Has anyone else been feeling like this?

Sometimes we all just need a breather, a little time to recharge out batteries. Listen to your body when it says it is being pushed too hard –  from not getting enough sleep to a few too many proseccos, just recognise when you need to take a step back. Maybe it is London or maybe it’s just me, but the pace of life can be so fast here – long commutes, stressful days, weekends spent trying to see as many friends as possible. And I am my own worst enemy who does not take my own advice until it is too late!

Maybe it was just the January blues, pushing myself a little too hard or some kind of bug just made me feel under the weather but I am happy to see the back to January and feeling cheered up as we edge closer and close to spring. It is light when I leave the house in the morning and sunset signals the time to leave work and not time for my afternoon tea! Oh to say goodbye to frozen fingers and toes as I stand and on my train each day! And when will I ever say goodbye to this cold that has plagued me for the past week!


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