Resolution time!


It is that time of year –  when people set resolutions, most of which are so tough and life-changing that within a few weeks they are abandoned completely. This is the same thing I have done year after year and this year I have decided to do it a little differently! Instead of radically changing the way I do things, I want to make little changes . In 2015 I realised the importance of putting my own wellbeing first and I am going to try and put that into place even more in 2016!

Have a healthier body…

Okay so I am slightly cheating here –  wrapped up in this are lots of things I want to do to try and be a bit kinder to my body! Here are just a few:

  • Cut out my almost daily can of Coke – the thought of that much sugar freaks me out but I have really struggled with this over the past few years! Here’s to me really trying to kick that habit once and for all!
  • Try and make exercise a more fundamental part of my week –  I would like to lose a few pounds by April and while lots of this needs to come from changes to my diet, I want to prioritise getting to yoga or swimming more regularly and stop it feeling like such a chore.
  • Be more organised about meal planning –  I have a very bad habit of picking up a takeaway on the way home if I have been too disorganised to have any food in! NO MORE….or at least not as often!

…and a healthier mind

In 2015 I definitely realised the impact stress can have, it made me unwell physically and unhappy and got to a point where I realised I needed to reassess what I was doing.  Ever since then I have been trying to recognise the things I need to do to keep a good mental balance. For me these are getting enough sleep, staying active, seeing friends and doing something fun each day to keep me engaged. I am thinking of righting a full post on this in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Read more

I already read quite a lot – my daily commute of an hour each way gives me lots of time to whizz through books but lots of them are quick reads, with not much substance to them. I want to read some of the classics I have been thinking about reading for a while – any recommendations very welcome!


I cannot wait to book holidays for 2016. I am planning a trip to Spain with family, holidays to Cuba and New York and hopefully a little European city break at some point with either Euan or friends.   We also have a wedding coming up in April which are going to try and make into a mini break away in York. Planning definitely helps keep the January blues at bay!

Have you any resolutions or goals you want to achieve in 2016? 





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