Polka dots for Christmas

Don’t you just hate it when you head out to buy something new and can’t find anything? A few days before Christmas I headed into the shops with the intention of getting a new outfits for Christmas Day and I could literally not find anything that I wanted! It was so frustrating! So in the end I was practical and instead of a sparkly dress that I would wear once and then put to the back of the wardrobe I chose a polka dot shirt and some raspberry heels from New Look to wear with my classic black jeans! I then popped on my brand new rose gold Olivia Burton watch that I got from my parents for Christmas, paired with some new rose gold jewellery they bought me! I also got this red handbag (which was on my wishlist so not a huge surprise!) which just happened to tie in perfectly!   

 I love the oversized shirt look and felt that the coloured heels really added a pop to my monochrome outfit. This is the kind of thing I love to wear to work as well so it will get plenty of wear! Paired with my new Urban Decay lipstick (which I am in love with!) and some sparkly eyeshadow and of course my usual winged eyeliner, I felt just the right amount of dressed up for Christmas Day, although the heels were maybe a little high for running around after a two year old all day! An evening on the sofa in my slippers was much needed!


Shirt Jeans Bag Lipstick Shoes Pallette  Watch 

Disclaimer: As always, this post has not been sponsored in anyway and all opinions are my own!

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