Latest reads – Christmas posts I love

I am a major lover of blogs, my daily commute is often spent scrolling through my newsfeed on blog Bloglovin’. While I regularly read my favourite blogs, I never really share these posts so in the run up to Christmas I thought I would put together a few posts I have seen recently that I have loved!

  1. Following Australian blogger Carly at Let Us Wanderlust totally disorientates me as down under it is the middle of summer and all her summery posts make me feel like I am in the wrong season! While blueberry mojitos might not work on Christmas Eve here, I am bookmarking this recipe to come back to in the summer as they look delicious! Check out the recipe here!
  2. Over on Nishantishu, Freya’s post of The Quiet Winter has really inspired me to try and take it a little easier in January and February, maybe focus more on my health and wellbeing and to try and save money for all the travels I want to take in 2016. More on my new year resolutions soon!
  3. The Christmas Coffee Date from Cider with Rosie –  I love Rosie’s blog, not just for the dreamy photos, but because I find it so real and unpretentious and I look forward to every post! I loved this post on Rosie and her husband’s annual Christmas Starbucks coffee date and it made me literally want to a) get a gingerbread latte and b) get a puppy!!
  4. There is nothing I love more than stationary –  seriously I love it so much that I have had to curb my habit of buying brand new notebooks so when  I saw this post over on The Londoner, I have felt a dying need to visit this store in Covent Garden! I am going to try and be more organised and positive thinking and mindfulness in the new year so I feel like I desperately need one of their planners and a thankfulness book……

If like me, you love blogs – I can’t recommend Bloglovin’ enough –  all your blogs you like to read in one place, plus a great way to find out about new blogs! Here is the link to my page!

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