Our first Christmas tradition

Everyone has their own family traditions when it comes to Christmas. My own family have several from eating cheese and onion crisps in front of the Coronation Street  Christmas special to who opens a present first. At times they may seem completely bizarre to others but they are something that feels so special to us! However, with all the changes in the past few years – with the arrival of my  niece and my parents moving to Scotland, our Christmases have also changed introducing  new traditions! With this being mine and Euan’s first Christmas living just the two of us and even though we are spending the Christmas holidays in Glasgow, we wanted to do something in our house in London that was just for us. Our own Christmas traditions!  And what better place to start with than a Christmas tree!


IMG_0916 IMG_0909 IMG_0904 IMG_0895

We started our morning by heading to East Dulwich to grab some breakfast from Franklins, where we treated ourselves to some early morning beverages –  prosecco for me and a bloody Mary for Euan. We were intending to head to a Christmas tree farm which was a bus ride away but we ended up finding some guys on the side of the street selling the biggest, bushiest trees with bargain prices! And you know I love a bargain! A quick stop off to buy baubles and lights and we were home, trying to squeeze the tree into our not-so-big living room! 


We put on Home Alone, grabbed a Blue Moon beer (not so Christmassy but so delicious) and got to decorating our tree! We didn’t even fall out once which I think is an impressive feat  I absolutely love it and so glad I listened to Euan and got a real tree! The smell is just so Christmassy and I have loved having the tree for the first few weeks of December!


What are your Christmas traditions? 

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