A final stop in Seminyak

At long last my final Bali post is here 😦

After two incredible weeks away it was time for us to head to our final stop in Seminyak for two nights there before we headed home.


Seminyak is a busy, bustling resort town  and it is very developed, and lacks some of the charms of the rest of Bali but is filled with filled with great bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. Unlike lots of beach side resorts, only hotels face onto the black sand beach so it can be hard to find the centre of Seminyak. We actually found that a lot of the restaurants weren’t really near much else so we relied quite a lot on taxis to get around.











Where to stay

After two weeks of budget hotels, we decided to treat ourselves to two nights in a five star resort, and on the recommendation of a friend we chose the Royal Beach Seminyak. While this hotel is undeniably amazing, luxurious rooms with enormous beds, a gorgeous pool and beautiful, tropical gardens, I have come to realise I think I prefer the friendliness of smaller, independent hotels, even if they lack the finer things! Breakfast was incredible but we were so disappointed by the cocktails here, after Le Pirate’s never-ending parade of delicious cocktails, we ordered a few here and then gave up.

Places to eat

On our first night in Seminyak we headed to Motel Mexicola. Everyone we had met had told us about this place so we wanted to give it a try. It is Mexican cantina, with a great menu and cocktail list (lots of tequila) of course that is family friendly, but around 9pm the music gets turned up, the bottles of Jose Cuervo appear and it turns into a Mexican club, with dancing on the tables and conga lines. You must go here if you are in Seminyak!

For Euan’s birthday and our last night, we headed to Ku De Ta, one of the. It was very expensive for Bali but worth every penny. Australian – Balinese fusion food, great choice of wines and cocktails and a chilled out setting on the beach.  If you go, get the Balinese pork! You can also just head for drinks, a laze on loungers to watch the sunset.

Things to do

Seminyak is the perfect place if you want to lie by the pool and relax but we didn’t find there was whole lot else to do that didn’t involve driving out of Seminyak. However, here are a few things that will keep you occupied during your stay:

  • Have surf lessons on the beach, perfect for beginners
  • Head to Canggu for the day and check out Old Man’s Bar. Try out some surfing, although the water is a little choppy! Euan had lessons here so is okay for beginners but not as calm as Seminyak!
  • Treat yourself to a massage, we had a traditional Balinese massage in the hotel and it was amazing!
  • Have a night on the town!

Lots of people use Seminyak as a base to explore the rest of Bali and there are lots of tourism agencies offering day trips to the rest of Bali, including Ubud so it is an ideal place to stay if you don’t fancy moving every few days!

Well that is it for our Bali posts, even if it has taken me an age to put them together!

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