Hello autumn

In the midst of all my Bali posts I thought I would  interrupt all the beach and sunshine posts with something slightly different. Autumn has well and truly arrived and with Halloween just a few days away, before we even know it Christmas will be upon us. While I am sad to say to goodbye to summer, I LOVE autumn. And here is a little run down of just why I love this season!


    • Dark nights making me feel less guilty about snuggling up on the couch with a movie or my book
    • Autumn colours –  red, orange, gold, yellow – the streets are lit up like fire and is my second favourite sight in nature, after the blossoms of spring of course!
    • Crisp weather and needing to wear my coats again!
    • Scented candles
    • Pumpkin spice lattes –  I am a little late jumping on this bandwagon but last week I tried one for the first time and they are YUMMY!
    • Berry lipsticks are back, not that they ever really left me!
    • Cosy scarves and knitwear
    • Starting my Christmas shopping, for myself and others 🙂
    • The sound of crunchy leaves on the ground
    • Autumn TV –  Doctor Foster, The Apprentice, X Factor, Stricly Come Dancing, Unforgotten, From Darkness –  the list of good TV shows at the minute goes on and makes it so much easier to have a night in!
    • Christmas is just around the corner!!!

So to celebrate the arrival of  Autumn, on Sunday Euan and I  headed off to West London to explore Richmond Park, a thing that had been on my London bucket list for quite a while but we just hadn’t got around to doing it! It was super cold when we left the house so we got all wrapped up and grabbed a coffee only for it to be a gloriously sunny autumn day where within ten minutes our coats were off! 


thumb_IMG_0489 2_1024 thumb_IMG_0490_1024


Shop the look: Jeans // Jumper // Scarf (similar) // Coat


thumb_IMG_0554 2_1024
thumb_IMG_0556 2_1024
thumb_IMG_0558 2_1024




Richmond Park is HUGE and we ended up wandering for hours, with the main goal to find some of the famous deer of Richmond Park. We had almost given up hope when we stumbled on a huge herd of them. Is so strange finding so much nature within London, it felt like we could have been anywhere in the countryside!  This trip to the park also made us desperately want a dog even more than usual! 


It was so nice to get some fresh air and some exercise, definitely going to be a resolution of mine to do this more often on a Sunday as it made me feel so good!  So expect lots more photos of us exploring parks both near us and across London!





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