Back to reality

It has hard to believe that this time two weeks ago we were in Bali and we had the most fantastic holiday! There is nothing like sun, cocktails and endless time to elax to help sooth the soul and the time away really helped me unwind.These photos were taken in Canggu on the beach, with crashing waves and salt in my hair and I can almost take myself back there when I look at these pictures!

There are lots of posts on their way of what we got up to in Bali with lots of photos, when I eventually find time to sit down at my computer for an afternoon! But in the meantime I have lots of exciting news –  since getting back from Bali we moved into our new flat and while we still have a few bits and bobs to find, it very much feels like home to us. Wifi just got installed this morning so netflix is on and I have been able to write a post for the first time! We also love the new area, we only moved a few streets over in Peckham but there are so many nice bars, restaurants and shops just on our front door and I never even knew existed! 

Second piece of news is that yesterday I started a new job!  It all happened quite quickly but I just got it all sorted before I headed off to Bali and yesterday was my first day! It is very different from what I used to do and I am so excited about getting fully immersed in my new role, even if it is going to be a challenging few months getting up to speed! It also feels really great to be excited about work again after a few months of not being 100% happy. Always shake it up!!!

Here’s to new beginnings!




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