Packing for Bali

I cannot believe it is less than 24 hours until we head to Bali! This holiday has been so long in the planning and nine months since we booked our flights. This time has gone so quickly though!

Our journey is a long one: London Heathrow-> Amsterdam -> Jakarta -> Bali Denpasar –  that is almost 23 hours in total, not even counting us getting to Heathrow and the two hour taxi journey when we arrive in Bali to get to our hotel in Ubud. Thats a lot of travelling time! So my hand luggage is all packed and here are my tips for getting through a long haul flight!









First things first –  for all the stuff I needed I felt I needed a good bag that was easy to carry and fitted lots in it. I found this rucksack in the sale in New Look for only £10 and it was just what I needed! The colour is so bright and summery and I can use it when we are away too!

Travel folder

I had been shopping around for a nice travel folder and while I loved some expensive leather ones, I just couldn’t justify the expenditure on top of everything else I have already spent for this holiday. I stumbled across this super cheap one in Paperchase and I love the tropical print – very appropriate for our holiday! It has plastic sleeves inside to keep track of all the paperwork we will have –  insurance, hotel confirmations etc. I just wanted them all in one place (neatly organised in order of when I will need them of course) to make everything run a little smoother to help tame the control freak in me!

Things to do 

Sitting about airports can really start to get dull after a while and it can be so great to have something to help pass the time. I bought this pretty crossword book a few weeks back and decided to keep it so it was brand new for my holidays. Similarly, cards can be a lifesaver when you are bored – when I was travelling around Asia in 2012, I lost count of the number of card games we played until I literally could take no more. It did pass the time though! And of course my kindle is stocked with tons of new books I can’t wait to read and some magazines to get me through!

Selection of toiletries

Just in case my luggage gets lost, I always like to keep the basics in my hand-luggage with me – it also helps me feel a little more normal on a flight if I can brush my teeth and wash my face as normal, especially as I hate wearing make up on a long flight. I also always carry any medication I need that I wouldnt be able to easily get if I lost my luggage plus things like ibuprofen as there is nothing worse than a headache at 30000 feet!

Eye mask and earplugs

Why are planes always so loud and bright? It isn’t very conducive to a good nights sleep, especially on overnight flights! Hopefully my eye mask will help me get some sleep and as I have forgotten to buy ear plugs I hope I get some one the flight!

Comfy clothes

I always finds planes can either be roasting hot or freezing cold, there is rarely a happy medium. So I am all about the layers when it comes to travelling. My outfit is a pair of floral trousers, a vest top and my favourite denim shirt with some socks in my bag for when my feet get ice cold – which they will!

I have also just about finished packing my luggage for the trip – I am taking a really small rucksack to check in so I have had to force myself to pack light! Lots of clothes to mix and match and my favourite pieces of jewellery and make up to dress up clothes in the evening! Even then I am sure I will just wear my favourite things over and over again!

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What are you travel essentials? Any last minute tips for Bali?

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