Five things from my week #4

Where is my summer disappearing? I cannot believe it is the beginning of August already and only three weeks until we got to Bali….eeeeek! Here is the rundown of my week so far!



Sale bargains

House hunting

Me and E decided to look for our own place when our current lease comes to an end at the end of September and while we are so excited to get a new flat together the stress of trying to find one is driving me crazy! I really want one sorted before we go to Bali and I’m sure it will all work out fine but I can be such a stresshead when it comes to things like this! And the more flats I view the more downhearted I get when I realise how little is out there in our price range!

Saturday shopping

On Saturday we got up and headed over to Kensington High Street to do a spot of shopping and get a few bits and pieces for holidays. I far prefer shopping here to Oxford Street as it is much quieter and has all the shops I like! Afterwards we had a well deserved drink in a little pub off the main road and soaked up the sunshine after a very grey week in London. I also love the gorgeous houses in Kensington –  oh to be able to afford one of the white townhouses!

Sale bargains

I was on the hunt for a new pair of cat eye sunglasses and found a little bargain in New Look for my holidays –  only four weeks to go 🙂 I also spotted this gorgeous dress in Reiss and decided to snap it up, even though I have nowhere to wear it just now!

The Hunger Games

Even though I have seen all the films and loved them I hadn’t gotten around to reading the books. So when I signed up for a Kindle Unlimited trial with Amazon and saw they had the trilogy there for all three I have pretty much devoured them. AND so much better than the movies!

Sunday achievements

Sunday morning started with a bit of a headache after some gin and tonics on Saturday night in our garden! But I am so proud that we put on our running shoes and headed off towards Dulwich Park. It was such a hot day and I was definitely struggling in the heat so needed a few walking breaks to guzzle some water! It was the first visit to the park and I didnt realise how lovely it was. We are definitely planning on heading back soon and hiring some row boats in the lake!


Have a lovely week everyone! xx

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