Cycles around Hyde Park



You may have seen in my weekly five things post (here) that my friend Nell was down staying with me and we decided to hire bicycles for the afternoon. Now I had never used Boris bikes before for two reasons: I am terrified of cycling on roads, especially in London and I had no idea how to get a bike. Turns out it is the easiest thing in the world – just pop in a bank card, select a bike and it prints out a little ticket for you to type the code, and there you have it a bike. 

We started in Kensington Gardens and cycled the whole way around it before heading along the Serpentine into Hyde Park. It was such a hot day which meant that we got a real breeze from cycling which cooled us right down. It was such a nice way to see the park. However, the only disadvantage is that there are very set cycle paths so you can’t go off exploring as much and as we didn’t have any bike locks we couldn’t go in to see places like the Princess Diana Memorial (which was so inviting in the hot weather!). Well worth a try though, even if just to explore and a great way to spend a day in London for tourists and Londoners alike!

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