A trip to the seaside

I have such good childhood memories of trips to the seaside with my family. Candy floss, amusement arcades, the fairground rides and paddling in the water no matter what the weather (or temperature). However it has been years since I last visited a seaside town so when my friend Nell came to visit for a few days we decided to make Brighton our first stop. I had been meaning to go from when I first moved to London but even though it is only a short train I just hadn’t gotten around to it!

On our arrival we just went for a long walk along the beach and admired the piers –  both old and new.



IMG_0616 IMG_0613 IMG_0609  IMG_0605

There is something quite haunting about the old pier still just sitting there after it burnt down but somehow the skyline wouldn’t be the same without it.


We then walked along Brighton pier and popped into the amusement arcade where I managed to make a pounds worth of 2ps last quite some time on the slot machines. It is strangely addictive and I even won some prizes…






After lounging on our deckchairs in the sunshine, all that sea air had made us hungry. For somewhere to eat for lunch we checked out the lovely Olivia’s blog for a few recommendations. We tried out Food for Friends which has a delicious vegetarian menu where we had haloumi burgers and shared a carafe of crisp cold wine. After we wandered around the Lanes and wandered in and out of vintage shops, meandering down cute little streets filled with bunting. 


We then took another stroll along the beach towards Hove to check out the cute little beach huts in brights and pastels…








We snoozed the whole way home on the train after all that walking with new freckles on our noses and sticky hands from eating too much ice cream!

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