Five things from my week #2

This week has been a pretty hectic one –  it started with a weekend in Bristol with friends, followed by a busy few days at work which were brought to a halt when I got a bug and had to spend two days in bed feeling absolutely dreadful. Sometimes I would give anything for a sneaky midweek day in bed with Netflix but I would have given anything to not been that ill! Poor Euan had it first and was much worse than me so our flat was quite a ill place this week! Then on Thursday my best friend Nell arrived to stay for the weekend so we have had a great few days doing lots of fun things in London that I have been meaning to do for ages! Now I am in my pjs with some Ben & Jerrys and am thoroughly exhausted! Early night for me I think but first here is my five things from my week!

Cycling around Hyde Park


Kind of embarassing but having lived in London for a year I had never used a Boris bike –  until this week! We hired them and cycled around Hyde Park and had an absolute ball! It is so cheap and easy and will be looking out for other places to try it in London that doesnt involve me cycling on the road as that terrifies me!

Bali planning


I finally got around to sorting some things for Bali and I found some hotels  which are well within our budget and look really nice for the first week! We also booked our hotel for the final two nights when we are staying in a proper luxury resort so I am so excited that we have that to look forward to at the end of our trip! It is only six weeks until we go which I feel is going to go so quickly and I cannot wait! Please pop any recommendations in the comments below!

Catching up


Bristol was great as a chance for me, Gabi and Bex to and let our other halves get to know each other better and to catch up ourselves as the three of us hadn’t all been together since March!

Bright kimono


I saw this colorful kimono in H&M and it was an absolute steal at £7.99 –  I do love a bargain! Since buying it last Friday I have worn it three times and is brightening up all my plain outfits! I loved it paired with my classic little black dress for a summery outfit. 

Another addition to my handbag collection


I have a slight handbag obsession and have been trying so hard not to buy anymore unless it adds something different to my wardrobe. So when I say this little tan number I just had to get it! Now no more for a few months!! Shop it here.

Have a good week everyone! xo

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