Five things from my week #1

I follow lots of blogs and the posts I think I look forward to reading the most is the Friday Fives (my favorites are Let us Wanderlust, Cider with Rosie and Carrie Bradshaw Lied). So with a little bit of inspiration I decided to try and make this a regular post. I can’t promise it will be weekly but

So here’s this weeks five things!

The Weather  #heatwave

London in summertime

This week in London has been insanely hot and while commuting and trying to work has been a little bit more difficult (and sweaty) than usual, it totally feels like summer has hit London. While I hope its cools a little bit, I am looking forward to the next two months of picnics in the park, BBQs, outdoor swimming and bare legs. And I really enjoy being able to dry my laundry outside!

My new handbag

Accessorize Isabella tote

A few weeks ago I was in Accessorize almost every lunch hour . Then I decide to be sensible and two weeks later it is in the sale. The fates are telling me I need this handbag so here it is! I am so glad to have a handbag that just fits everything in it without me having to either cram it in or rummage for my keys! 

An evening of art

Drinks and antipasti in Chelsea

I met with my friend Andrea and headed to the Masterpiece Art Fair at the Royal Chelsea Hospital. The exhibition has finished now but it was basically a fair of jewellery, artwork, antiques and rare books, with almost everything for sale. Like a magpie I was attracted to anything sparkly so spent most of the evening looking at diamonds, emeralds, rubies. I had my eye on a diamond tiara but the £500,000 price tag was a bit out of my price range! Afterwards we caught up over some antipasti and a glass (or two) and enjoyed eating al fresco!

Dinner at Silk Road

Dinner at Silk Road

Camberwell is home to the best Chinese food I have ever tasted. Silk Road is a bit of an institution – when we moved to the area everyone we met said we had to try it and when you visit you realise why. It specialies in Xinjiang food which is from northwest China on the border with Kyrgyzstan. Everything is delicious but I particularly recommend the double cooked pork with a side of the Home Style cabbage and some dumplings all washed down with a cold Tsing Tao. And it is insanely good value, a huge meal and drinks will come to about £10 a head. I highly recommend booking as it is packed out every night.

And lastly…this little crossword book

Crossword book

My final thing was the cutest little crossword book I found in Rymans for £1.99. I love crosswords (#geek) and when I saw this patterned one I just couldn’t resist! I am going to save it for our 22 hour journey to Bali in a few weeks where I find puzzle books can be such a time filler!

We are off to Bristol this evening to stay with friends and fingers crossed the weather stays nice as I have packed the summer-iest clothes possible! Have a great weekend everybody!

One thought on “Five things from my week #1

  1. Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust says:

    You are so, so sweet! I’m so super thrilled you enjoy my blog! I love that you are now doing this type of post – even if it is absolutely a weekly thing – it’ll be such a lovely thing to look back. They are my favourite posts to write because they give me a chance to reflect back on the week and remember (and document forever!) all the good!

    On another note, I MUST get myself this cute crossword book. I’m also a total crossword nerd and can’t get enough of them! The Masterpiece Art Fair also sounded like it would have been wonderful and that new handbag is totally fabulous!! xx

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