How to become a morning person

I recently read a blog post from Miranda’s Notebooks (read it here) about her morning routine that has helped her accomplish more in her day and it got me thinking about my own daily routine and how it may be affecting me. I am also just back from my holidays and that always given me a sense of determination to not slip back into old habits and some  motivation to make a change!

My current routine goes something roughly like this: I roll out of bed at the last possible moment after a poor night’s sleep, get ready quickly and head to work, grabbing a coffee on the way that constitutes my breakfast. My energy levels vary massively throughout the day that always results in me snacking on super sugary stuff to get through the day that always make me feel unwell. Then I get stressed at work about wanting to leave on time so I can squeeze in some exercise but more evenings than not by the time I get home, exercise is the last thing I feel like doing. The day is wrapped up with some Netflix in bed and an attempt at an early night so the next day I can get up early and do some exercise. But my brain whirls and I spend a few hours tossing and turning before having a terrible nights sleep and starting my day all over again. Add into this long hours at work or god forbid, some mid-week socialising and I can get to the weekend feeling completely exhausted and worn down. 

So I am going to try a little experiment – for the next three weeks I am going to force myself to stick to it to see if it makes a difference to how I feel and how productive I am throughout the day. They say it takes this long to form a habit so here goes!!! I am not going to pretend here that I am going to be a changed woman in three weeks but maybe I can trick myself into being a morning person. At the very least its summer so it’s not that tough to get out of bed so its worth a shot eh?!

1) Get up at 6am….no excuses.

E usually gets up around then anyway –  he is way more a morning person than me. I tend to grunt, put my eye mask on and try to get back to sleep, while usually barking at him to shut up/hurry up/get out of the bedroom. But that extra hours sleep I get usually ends up in me feeling groggy so its clearly not working. 

2) Eat a proper breakfast 

I know, I know- a latte is not breakfast and I know it is not good for my body to start my day with no fuel so I need to eat a normal sized breakfast every day. This may be a challenge as food really nauseates me in the morning! But I plan to have nice stuff in so I feel a little bit more excited about it. 

3) Fit some exercise in the morning

Whether this is a run (still slowly building towards my goal of a 10km) or just some yoga to stretch there is no way I am going to feel worse after it and clearly my self-motivation isn’t working so maybe a forced habit will help!

4) Do something productive

I forever complain that I don’t have enough time to blog or learn new skills when in fact by getting up earlier I could squeeze some things in the morning that I usually try to do when I get home from work. I love blogging but sometimes after a day at a computer, when I get home I lack the motivation to sit down and work on this. Hopefully by doing a little bit in the morning, I can get into a more regular posting habit and try and grow my blog a bit! 

I will report back on how this little experiment has gone! It may be a disaster but either way I am determined to stick to it!

Do you have any tips for how to get up in the mornings or how to make the most of your day?

3 thoughts on “How to become a morning person

  1. Miranda | Miranda's Notebook says:

    I’m so happy my blog post has helped to inspire you to try a morning routine! I am still loving it (and still getting up at 5am!), and I wish you all luck in finding your own morning routine that works for you. I think small steps at the beginning are important. I first started out only doing a 15 minute arm exercise; now I’ve built up to do a 1/2 full body workout in the mornings. My evening routine is still something I’m working on too though – too often I collapse over TV, but at least now I feel I’ve had a productive morning! Wishing you all the best, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes! xxx

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