It has been a while since I last blogged, I don’t even want to look at precisely how long, but it has come about for two reasons. I have been super busy at work and working in Dublin for several weeks which has been pretty full-on. But never mind the how busy I have been, the long hours and six thousand emails a day, I had a bit of a disappointment at work which has left me feeling slightly unmotivated. I had no time to for this to impact my project so my blog has simply gone to the wayside.

At school and university I always liked to be the best at everything and entering the working world of finance I have struggled with the concept that working hard and giving 100% sometimes isn’t enough. I got some negative feedback at work over how committed I am  and that people have commented that I have a lack of confidence and it was pretty hard to hear. Taking criticism isn’t easy and my first response is to get defensive, however with time to reflect I have realized a few things:

1) Focus on the positives

For days all I could think about was every negative comment that was made, when in fact there were lots of positives as well and the negative stuff was meant to be constructive. So…

2) Take action on what can be changed

The things I am being told I need to change or work on –  a lot of it I can try and take small steps every day to improve upon. Things like my confidence – well that isn’t going to change overnight but if I start the process then hopefully myself and others will start to notice a difference. 

3) Accept that sometimes it won’t work and that’s okay!

My family, health and happiness is always going to be my priority and I hope my job continues to be somewhere I can thrive. In our mid-twenties it seems that all we worry about is our jobs and progressing but a career will span decades so if this job isn’t a perfect fit, there will be another one that is so I need to remember to just do what I am comfortable with and if I feel that any of my priorities are being compromised well then it may be time for a change!  

So with that I am focusing on my blog a little more to try as I have lots of half written posts that need finished off. I love my blog and love when people respond to them and get involved. It has just been hard to get in the mindset of working on it lately! 

 Any advice on responding to criticism? Any disappointments in work or life lately? How do you stay motivated?


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