Springtime blossoms


Springtime has been creeping in slowly, with a few false starts in London but perhaps it is almost here at last. Saturday was a trip to one of my favorite places in London, which I just don’t visit enough. Notting Hill with its pastel houses, cute shops and blossoms is a lovely way to spend a Saturday, meandering the streets and moving from coffee shop to coffee shop. It seems like so long ago we were last in the area (see here) and I don’t know why we don’t head west more often. The weeks just seem to fly by!



We headed for a wander around the market and to have some lunch before attempting to take some photos of me. Euan needed some shots of him for work and he is such a natural poser, with every photo being almost perfect. I on the other hand am so awkward and after a few minutes I will give up in bad temper and end up with just a few usable shots. Modelling is definitely not for me…. 


I have been shopping around for three things: new brogues, a breton top and a new statement summer necklace to tie all my outfits together. And I have found them all! Warning: you will see these on me ALOT over the next few months!

Parisien chicStriped top \\ Jeans \\ Trench coat \\ Leather brogues \\ Necklace \\ Hat

What are your springtime essentials? What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

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