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Who doesn’t love fresh flowers in their home? I rarely buy them and I’m not sure why. I snapped this beautiful bunch of coral roses up from my local greengrocers and it has totally brightened up the flat and almost a week later they are still looking good….well alive at least! I actually went out looking for tulips and have fallen in love with coral roses all over again!

I thought I would do a little catch-up post on what I have been up to: it has been a relatively quiet month so I haven’t had many posts to put on places we have been or things we have done so here is just a quick run-down on things I am enjoying this week.

  • Planning: We bought a travel book for Bali at the weekend and  I have been perusing it, trying to piece together where we would like to visit when we are there. Yes our holiday is more than 6 months away but I do like to be organised!s
  • Reading: I am really looking for a new book at the moment so in the meantime I have been making the most of my magazine subscriptions. I love  Tuesday where I get home from work and know at least one magazine will have landed on my doorstep! And subscriptions are so much cheaper than buying magazines in the shops!
  • Listening: We are going to see Ben Howard in April so I have his new album on repeat and am loving it.
  • Watching: Our new TV show for before bed is Bones, which is slightly cheesy and we make fun it the whole way through each episode, yet seem to be half way through season one already…..
  • Making: I had a first go at upcycling this week for a friends birthday present in a bid to be creative.  I think it was a pretty good attempt but it definitely wasn’t as easy as it looked and may take some practice! There is a post on its way to show the finished product!
  • Cooking: We tried out the Delia Smith Boeuf Bourguignon recipe at the weekend and it was pretty tasty for a first attempt I would say! Anything you can throw in a dish and put in the oven is a winner in my book!

I am off to Northern Ireland this weekend to visit family and I cannot wait. It has been 15 months since I was last home (wow that has gone fast) and looking forward to revisiting some old favorites!

Any good book or TV show recommendations? Pop a comment below!

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