Colour pops at Oliver Bonas

The prospect of Spring arriving has made me want to decorate our flat and fill it with pretty things. In a rented flat it can be hard to get the motivation to spend alot of money on furniture or accessories in case they don’t fit in once you move but I am getting to the point where I just really want to make my flat go from quite nice to beautiful. We had a dinner a few weeks ago at the guys from Forward Features (great interior blog- check it out here) and their flat is so beautiful and filled with personal touches that has motivated made to try and find one thing each month that I love for the flat. Oliver Bonas has so many gorgeous things at the moment in bright colours so I have put a few of my favourite things together,  some of which I can afford and some of which I cant…just yet. Let me know which is your favourite!

Oliver Bonas interiors

 1) 1958 Sofa in Slate £895 2) Yellow velvet cushion £32  3) Geo Brights frame £24

4)  Bamboo salad servers £4.50  5) Hector coffee table £350

6) Copper honeycomb champagne flutes £7.50 each 7) Nickel Pleat Vase £34

8) Stripe door mat £16.

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