A Sweaty pilates evening

So I decided to quit the gym last week- yes it may seem counter-intuitive to my resolution to get into a better exercise regime but something I have learnt from my numerous attempts at trying to get fit is that exercise needs to be something you enjoy doing and look forward to rather than something you hate. And I HATE the gym. So my theory is that by quitting the gym I am freeing up my time and money to do other things that I enjoy more that will keep me fit…

One of these such things was an evening at Sweaty Betty in Notting Hill for a pilates class in association with Elle UK. We had a great class from the lovely Caitlin before getting a goodie bag filled with healthy treats and some lovely Benefit samples. All of this plus an annual subscription with Elle for only £15!

IMG_1445 (1)

For those of you who haven’t tried Pilates (or Yoga) I can’t recommend it enough. Now I know nothing from a technical point of view but all I can say is from personal experience, I find both classes to not only work out my whole body – the next day I will ache from head to toe – but you will leave the class feeling calm and centred (with great posture too!). Its all about the breathing and being in control of your body and I love it! 

There is nothing like new workout clothes to get you motivated to exercise. I have just signed up for another batch of Pilates classes and could really do with some new stuff and had lots of time to peruse the Sweaty Betty selection yesterday. I absolutely love these, maybe a payday purchase when it comes around!
Yoga outfitLeggings \\ Vest \\ Bra \\ Mat \\ Weights

Whats your latest health or fitness plans? 

One thought on “A Sweaty pilates evening

  1. growwithinyourself says:

    the gym is not for everyone and its great that you found another form of exercise and not give up 🙂 good on you
    feel free to check out my blog

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