Christmas time

Christmas was the perfect opportunity to recharge my batteries, catch up with friends and spend some quality time with family. I had the full two weeks booked off work so we headed off on the train from Euston with two seasons of The Fall to keep us amused and a Nandos (my first!) for sustenance!

It was our first family Christmas not in Ireland and surprisingly it didn’t feel as strange as I thought it would. We went shopping, had lots of coffee, trips to the park, battling against the shocking weather and drank more bubbles than I have in a long time.  And of course spent more of January’s pay check than was entirely sensible.

Christmas for us is usually a whirl of photographs but this year everything was more relaxed and we were more in the moment, enjoying our champagne and each others company. In fact the only photos I took were a few snaps at the park on Christmas Day…these will have to do!

Get my look: Coat // Dress //  Earrings //Boots //Hat

Get L’s look: Dress // Boots // Headband // Gloves // Necklace

Unfortunately L’s fur jacket is no longer in stock and I struggled to find a similar one that was as nice so I have left that out! Get scouring some vintage shops for good find!

We spent Boxing Day with E’s parents with lots of food, champagne and board games to finish off the Christmas festivities.

What are your family traditions?

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