More canals and coffee in Amsterdam

We started our Saturday morning with a croissant and a coffee before heading to Dam Square to start the Sandemans free walking tour. I had done these tours in a few other European cities and they had always been interesting and gave you a new insight into the city. Unfortunately this tour wasn’t great as I felt the tour felt orientated towards students despite the majority of the tour being my age or older! Is worth going along to just to get a feel for the city and always do it on your first day if you can as it helps you get your bearings in a new city!



Our afternoon was spent sitting in Finch (the place from the previous night) with a coffee and a piece of cake, just chatting and relaxing. We had tried to go to Anne Frank museum but the queue was mahoosive (at least an hour long according to the guide) and it was very cold! Was a bit gutted as that had been the one cultural thing I had wanted to do in Amsterdam. Would highly recommend booking advance tickets which lets you queue skip. Friends had told me to do this and I ignored them so don’t make the same mistake!



We wandered back to the hotel and had a rest for a few hours before heading up to the Sky Lounge in our hotel. It is one of the highest points in Amsterdam and gives views over the whole city. It is pretty cool and drinks are pricy but it is worth heading up for one drink just to take in the view and snap a few photos.

We had dinner at a Thai place called the Bird where the food was pretty incredible! Recommended! Afterwards we decided to check out the Red Light District at night to see what the hype was about. The place just felt really sleazy, full of drunk guys.

Amsterdam is a small enough city that you can see a lot like us in just a short weekend break. There is  more to do than what we did, but the weather wasn’t great so we didn’t want to spend much time outdoors and couldn’t hire bikes because of the rain!

Have any of you been to Amsterdam? What did you think?Any recommendations for my next European city break?

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