Arriving in Amsterdam- canals and more canals

After a busy week at work for me and an even busier week for E, it was finally Friday and we were all ready to head to Amsterdam for our weekend away! It had been so long since we have been away just the two of us and we had both been looking forward to it ALOT!

An early morning train to Luton, quick coffee at airport and then onto the plane and we were in Amsterdam! Getting to Amsterdam is so easy from the airport, literally jump on a train and in 15 minutes you are right in the centre!  We were staying at the Hilton Doubletree which was a great hotel, located right beside the station and was perfect for us but we both felt that if we visit again we would want to stay in Jordaan (more on that area later!). Big bonus point for the Hilton- we got given a warm chocolate cookie on arrival. Winner! We quickly unpacked (well I did as I cannot stay somewhere and not fully unpack) and got wrapped up warm to head out into the cold afternoon in Amsterdam.

Our afternoon was spent wandering along the canals, taking lots of pictures and getting to know the city.




We stopped off a few times for some drinks and nibbles. That’s sometimes my favourite thing about getting away for a weekend, its just wandering with no particular intention but just to explore a city. Sometimes I feel I should be ticking everything off the tourist checklist- museums, galleries, monuments…but this weekend I just wanted to unwind and spend quality time with E.

We found a great little place called Finch in the Jordaan which was a really cool café/restaurant/bar. We sat outside sipping beers and people watching and ended up returning there for dinner later in the evening. It just had a really cool vibe and friendly staff. It was also full of locals which always makes me like somewhere! Jordaan is a really nice area of Amsterdam, its just pretty laid back and is full of nice shops, bars and cafes. It feels like the area I would want to live in if I moved to Amsterdam! 

After dinner we wandered back to the hotel  and ended up having an early night…all that walking and beer took it out of us!

Let me know if you have questions about Amsterdam- more than happy to help!

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