The Breakfast Club and more

This post is a little out of date but I finally got around to posting it! 
A few weekends ago, on a sunny Saturday morning I met my lovely friend Lucy from university for brunch in Shoreditch. We braved the queue for The Breakfast Club, which turned out to be well worth the wait. I ordered avocado, poached egg, bacons and toast and it was DELICIOUS. We then had a wander around Brick Lane, perusing the stalls and . I spotted some gorgeous jewellery that I think I will pop back and snap up when I get a chance.
Saturday afternoon was a coffee with another friend and a wander around the National Portrait Gallery. I need to try some new galleries as I have been around the NPG several times! Any recommendations?
On Sunday I met a friend for a run followed by coffee and cake. Well it was better than no run at all, right?! Then Sunday evening was a trip to the Peckham Plex to see Interstellar…absolutely amazing. Well worth a see!
What were your weekend plans?

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