Down on the boardwalk

A few weeks ago me and E joined my family in Spain for a few days, looking to escape the impending gloom of winter and catch some autumn sunshine. 

Our holiday started as we intended it to go on…we were up early and went for a 3km run before diving into the pool and swimming 20 lengths. I had great intentions that every day would start this way. They didn’t! However, the pool became a daily routine (more on that later).

I wish this could be part of my workout every day!

The day was grey, with dark clouds threatening a downpour but we packed into the cars and headed into Torrevieja for a walk along the boardwalk and a coffee.The promenade is beautiful on a sunny day and usually packed, but even the clouds couldn’t keep us tourists away!

In the marina there are lots of sailing boats to look at.

And this wee one showed off her new skills she has picked up since I last saw her…

Then it was back to the house for a Mediterranean lunch and a snooze by the pool, perfect first day of a holiday!

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