Lessons learned in London so far



I have almost hit the five month mark in London now and can’t believe how settled I feel here now! However,  I have learnt a few lessons along the way that that I will pass on….

  • People in London can be rude- they will barge you out of the way, take the seat that is rightfully yours on the tube, stampede through you to get to the escalator before you. Just don’t be that person…rise above it.
  • Stop and help the tourist who has asked for directions, this will always be us somewhere in the world.
  • Do not become that person who does their hair/make up/nails/tweezing chin hairs on the tube. Worse yet is the urban legend of the person clipping their toe nails on the tube….did this really happen?!
  • Give up on comparing prices to outside of London, it will drive you insane!
  • Read kindles, not books. Life is so much easier when you can read with one hand while balancing handbags, lunchboxes and laptop cases on the other hand, all while trying not to go flying when the train brakes.
  • There is always room for more people in the carriage.
  • Travelling to see friends who live on the other side of London will take hours but make the effort. Otherwise London can be a lonely place and you will never do anything fun.
  • When an estate agent says they have a “wild card” to show you…… run.
  • For all newbies to London- get out there and see the city, don’t let yourself be bored. There are tonnes of free things to do so even on a budget you can enjoy this amazing city!

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