This week I am…

  • Reading: Dominion by C J Samuel. A historical thriller set in the 1950s following what could have happened if Britain had surrendered during WW2, I haven’t been able to put it down.
  • Watching: We are almost finished season 3 of The Good Wife, which me and E have been addicted to for a few weeks now. We are almost running out of episodes on Netflix. Recommendations for what to watch next??
  • Listening to: Shake it off  by Taylor Swift. CANNOT get this song out of my head!!
  • Trying to: Recover from this terrible cold and cough I have had. It has made me feel so lethargic and unable to exercise so I just feel generally quite crap at the moment. A few more lemon teas and night nurse will hopefully get me out the other side!
  • Worrying about: the flat move this weekend. I know there isn’t much I can until the weekend when we are packing up and moving but I can’t help but worry. Feel so unsettled in our current flat! We also have had no hot water for several weeks which isn’t helping me!
  • Looking forward to: OUR NEW FLAT!! And less than two weeks til me and E are off to Spain to visit my family and enjoy some autumn sunshine.


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