Tourists for the day

With a bit of a headache, me and E started the day with our usual croissant and a coffee en route to meeting my parents to start the mornings tourist activities. My dad hadn’t really seen all the tourist traps in London so we decided to do a mini tour of London, especially since it was quite a nice day and I wasn’t really sure what else to do!

We started in Trafalgar square…

We then walked along the Mall and into St James Park for a view over the water. I had never been before and the place was filled to the brim with birds, squirrels and beautiful flowers. And everything was so green!



We then walked toward Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament before walking along the South Bank.



Lunch was at a place called The Wharf, a fish restaurant on the river where I had a delicious butternut squash, goats cheese and rocket salad. We parted ways then and me and E foolishly decided to have a wander around the shops, resulting in very sore feet after a day of walking all over London. Tourist hats off for a while!

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