Seeing doubles

My parents arrived for the weekend and we met after work and headed to a place called Ask for Janice, a cool little bar in Farringdon that offers a great menu of different gins with perfect serve, each one served as it should be. Me and mum ordered Martin Millers Westebourne, served with strawberry and black pepper. Delicious! So after two, I was more than feeling the effects and it was only when the bill came that it turned out we had been drinking doubles. A sneaky trick of the place-giving doubles unless you specify you only want a single.  They were tasty though….and strong!

Dinner was at a restaurant in Smithfields called Grill on the Market, a steak restaurant that we had in Glasgow which does AMAZING steaks. You can become a member of Blackhouse (like me) and get 50% off food, which brings reasonably priced food down to cheap as chips! We had a delicious meal before having a few drinks at another bar before heading our separate ways and straight to bed!



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