Weekend getaway to Bristol

This weekend me and E hopped on a midday train through to Bristol to see a very good friend of mine who moved there about nine months.

We had lunch in a place called Cosy Club which was your average bar with a big menu of food but the place was really nicely decorated and we got seats in the centre of the bar under a , which let sunlight stream in. I had pancakes with bacon (my craving has continued from last week) with a glass of wine, odd choice I know but just what I needed!

We had a wander around St Nicholas market and then I spotted a travel book shop.There is something about that makes me just want to pack up and travel the world. Everywhere I turned there was books for somewhere else I want to visit. I just have to be patient and look forward to seeing each one. I have the rest of my life to see the world…it doesn’t need rushed! However I can dream….

We met up with B and J on a boat bar called Apple Cider which was on the river and had a great selection of local ciders. It was the first time they had met E but they got on like a house on fire (as I knew they would) and I could barely get a word in edgeways.

Bex and James have a beautiful garden flat in Clifton Village with a terrace out the back with a barbeque and table and chairs. I am so envious of their flat, it is so homely and so theirs. I can’t wait to get a flat that I can put my own stamp on. J loves barbequeing so he had a fillet of lamb and a roast chicken all prepped and ready to go. They were both absolutely delicious-mouth-wateringly so! We had lots of wine and beer, chatting in the last of the sunshine and then headed out to a few bars in the area to finish off our evening.

On Sunday (all nursing hangovers) we had brunch in a great place called Rosemarino where I think I had the best Eggs Benedict of my life. Then on the train home we were, snoozing on the train. Great weekend all round!


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