Shoreditch to the Heath

Saturday morning started with a massive headache as a result of too much wine the prior evening when I met an old friend from university for a catch up. One quick drink after work turned into several drinks which turned into a whole evening, with me getting the last tube home clutching my McDonalds.

Me and Euan got dressed and headed over to Shoreditch for some lunch. It was my first time properly over in Shoreditch and I liked it – it totally has the blend between grimy and cool, with lots of nice cafes, restaurants and shops to choose from. We ended up eating in Box Park at an amazing burger place called Bukowskis. I ordered the barbeque chicken burger with fries and an ice cold coke. Was just what I needed! The weather was glorious as well, was properly scorching and when we got back to the flat I was actually out on the balcony in my bikini. That certainly doesn’t happen in Glasgow!

On Saturday evening we just sat in and had some steak and red wine for dinner and rented Monuments Men which I slept the whole way through. Another perfect, relaxing Saturday!

On Sunday I was determined to try making something new so we had bought in ingredients to try and make some fluffy, American-style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. This proved slightly more difficult as we didn’t have any scales and neither me or E are particularly good at cooking/baking!! In the end they were delicious although it turn out the recipe I had used was for 4-6 people so we had huge stacks of pancakes to eat.

In the afternoon we walked over to Hampstead Heath, the place was heaving with families and friends out enjoying the sunshine. We perched ourselves on a spot of grass and lay and read our books for the afternoon- well I tried to read…I mostly people watched! Was sad to have another weekend come to a close!

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