Highgate village

I was ready for it to be the weekend after a dull week at work; long hours at the beginning of the week, and little to do all day Friday- making the day drag.

On Saturday afternoon, friends of ours came to stay for the night (all the way from South London!) and we took them up to Highgate village to show them around. We got there to discover a sort of village fair was on, lots of street stalls with foods and gifts, entertainment and people, buggies and dogs milling about everywhere. We managed to get a table in the main square and we sat with drinks and just people watched until the sun went down and then made dinner at the flat and caught up over drinks.

Today was another lazy Sunday although I was struggling to get motivated to do anything. In the end we went for my very first run with my new Nike trainers. I am determined to be able to get fit enough to run 5km without stopping (I have said this so many times) but I feel like new trainers are a pretty good motivation. We found a forest trail just behind our flat that goes all the way to Finsbury park so we jogged that (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) and then made salmon and sweet potato for dinner and watched Practical Magic. Think Euan was unimpressed by my movie choice…

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