Lazy sundays

Today we were both feeling a little out of sorts…not quite a hangover but just tiredness mixed with a feeling of restlessness. And I always find the worst thing I can do is sit about and do nothing when I feel like that. So after several hours of lying on the sofa, feeling progressively worse, we got up, got ready and headed for a walk in the sunshine.

We walked up to Highgate village and got a coffee from Limone, a little deli that only has two tables outside. The food looked delicious but we were both full up after our usual Sunday morning brunch of bagels, bacon and cream cheese-with some scrambled eggs thrown in this week. We sat for a while, people watching until we finished our coffees (well until Euan finished his coffee and mine had got so cold I couldn’t drink it anymore!). E then wanted a look around the bookshop and once I was there I just couldn’t resist. It has been months since I have bought a physical book , my kindle has meant I can whizz through books at about one a week. Since I just had to buy something, I decided rather than buy any old book that I would read and then give straight to a charity shop, instead I would pick a book that I want to add to my book shelf so everyone who visits the flat would see it. My pick was100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Márquez. I have it in Spanish but have never mustered up the courage to read it due to the sheer mental exhaustion that would induce. So now this will be my next book to read when I want something more challenging than my usual thrillers. For now it is sitting beside my bed, calling out to be read.

We then walked along to Waterlow Park and sat on a bench watching people play tennis in the sun. We then wandered around the rest of the park and had a look around the gardens. An ice cream and a trip to the supermarket later and we were back at the flat and able to relax on the balcony with a cup of chamomile tea and my kindle. Just getting an hour out of the flat had made me feel so much better. Spaghetti and meatballs with a glass of red wine followed before relaxing all evening with Orange is the new black. I am anticipating some long nights at work this week (the word midnight has been mentioned several times) so rest was definitely needed.

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