The last brunch

Moving day is finally here! I have had exactly two weeks notice to pack up my flat, find someone to take my room and say all my goodbyes in Glasgow. Maybe that was for the best, I started to panic about the hugeness of moving cities!

My last morning was somewhat stressful trying to get everything out of the flat but then we relaxed for my last brunch in Epicures with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. I am going to miss them, especially this wee one…

Do you like my new hat? I’m not sure about it so today was a trial! But do love this photo of us…definitely one for a frame!

We spent so much time chatting that I got completely distracted and then panicked that we were going to miss our train. So goodbyes were hurried (which avoided tears at least) and we dragged my huge amount of luggage to the train station. We settled down into our first class seats and started to watch Broadchurch which we had got especially for the journey.

Six hours later and we finally arrived in the flat. Two hours of whirlwind unpacking and me and E collapsed on the sofa with a Chinese and a bottle of red wine to watch the rest of Broadchurch. I loved it !!!Highly recommend it if you are looking for a new TV show to get your teeth into.

Here’s to living in London!

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