Hot tubs and sunshine

The weather could not have more perfect for us this weekend… skies, sunshine and just enough crispness in the evening air to remind us that we were in Scotland.

Our weekend began with our drive out to Loch Lomond where the traffic was worse than we had predicted. A drive that should usually take about an hour took us two. It seemed like everyone was taking advantage of the extra time off work and the weather. We stopped for lunch in Luss on the way and managed to the get the only table in the place not in the sun so we were all shivering in the shade. Lunch was tasty though and a good chance to chat before arriving at the cabins. One ice cream and a dip of my big toe in the loch (brrrrrrrrrr!) and we were back on the road to the cabins.

Traffic cleared and we arrived soon after. I was amazed……the cabins were all right on Loch Long and the views were spectacular. The cabins were beautiful and the best bit was the hot tub out on decking, looking over the water. Admittedly as we had taken a cheaper cabin we had a few cars in the way but even they weren’t distracting from the view. There were 13 of us split between two cabins and only one six seater hot tub was in the sun. So we did exactly what the signs told us not to and managed to squeeze all of us in one hot tub! It was so much fun and so relaxing sitting in the sun with a cider. That evening was spent playing games, drinking and singing. I had so much fun with everyone.

On day 2 the majority of people decided to go hiking and climb Ben Arthur, ‘The Cobbler’. Once upon a time hiking used to be my thing but now I had absolutely no desire to climb anything so me and Sarah stayed behind and had a day relaxing,….lazing in the hot tub, sunbathing, reading and a gentle walk around the loch. Much more my kind of day. That evening everyone was pretty knackered after their walk so the evening was a little more reserved. A few of us couldn’t resist and had to get back in the hot tub, it was my last evening though as I was heading back to see E. We had out usual complaints about work and gossip about colleagues before heading to bed at a reasonable hour!

The next day a few of us headed back to Glasgow and I was devastated to be leaving the loch on yet another glorious day. However me and E had a fun day; brunch at Cafe Zique (another gem of a place in Glasgow’s West End) followed by a day at his parents house with wine in the sunshine, some champagne and a movie before bed. I’m so lucky with E’s parents, I like them and they like me. Perfect in-laws! And we are trying to plan a family holiday for next year…..thinking the Italian Lakes?!

The final part to my bank holiday weekend was saying goodbye to E at the train station which I was fine with as it’s only two weeks until I am next down. After he left, me and my family went to Epicures (yes again) where I had another delicious pulled pork tartin. I promise next time I will get something different! All in all I had an amazing weekend, just what I needed and am now suitably depressed about returning to work. Good thing there are two more bank holidays coming up soon!

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