Filling my time…

So my weeknights for the past year and a half have usually been spent curled up on the sofa with E watching our latest box set. I think that’s what is the most difficult about him being away, is now I either need to go and find plans midweek or just sit in. And this week as I am trying to save money for the move to London (and because I went a little overboard on the clothes shopping last month), my option is to sit in. I am usually okay for the first hour or so, making dinner and pottering about but then the boredom can hit. However this week wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating, it has gone quickly and its almost the weekend!

This week I have been;


That Spring is finally here! Even if it isn’t particularly warm in Glasgow, the sun is out, it hasn’t been raining (much). Walking home from work is so much more enjoyable when the sun is shining and there are leaves on the trees! On the flip side, good weather makes me feel guilty about


Siobhan Wilson, an amazing singer-songerwriter that was supporting James Vincent McMorrow at his last gig in Glasgow. Her CD is in my car at the minute and I have just been listening to this song on repeat. So, so beautiful and ethereal.


Before we met by Lucie Whitehouse, a great thriller I started a few days ago about a woman who finds our her new husband may not be who she thought he was. Its just so addictive and great to read on the bus.


House, The Killing, Modern Family, Frozen Planet, House of Cards….been in a variety of moods this weeks so have been watching different things every night. However House season 1 has been a forerunner, I know I’ve seen them all before but I love them! He’s even funnier the second time around.


Master the a French manicure. I managed to get my left hand done almost perfectly and then my right hand was a complete disaster And this was right before bed so just gave up and took it all off. Practice makes perfect…


Me and some friends from university are travelling around Eastern Europe for two weeks at the beginning of July and two of us finally sat down to work out a route. Its a bit frustrating as no one else is being pro-active in organising things and I don’t want to be a bossy-boots. But at the same time I want to get accommodation and trains sorted so we aren’t left either paying more than we should have to or not get to do the things we want. Just need to learn to go with the flow a bit more…


Seeing E tonight!!! He arrives at midnight by train so am going to stay up to see him. I leave at lunchtime tomorrow for a few days at Loch Lomond with friends from work which I am half looking forward/half dreading,it’s my usual dread of something for absolutely no reason and I’m sure I will love the weekend. Blog post to follow on my weekend.


For now, Happy Easter everyone and enjoy a few days off work!!

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