Time for a rest


WOW it really has been quite a break from blogging.The reason….honestly, I have felt terrible all of January, completely exhausted which has sapped all motivation and creativity right out of me. I had been trying to eat healthier and exercise more and while this has been (semi) successful, by the time I got home from work at 7pm I pretty much just wanted to pass out and go to sleep, with making dinner being more effort than I could bear.  Has anyone else been feeling like this?

Sometimes we all just need a breather, a little time to recharge out batteries. Listen to your body when it says it is being pushed too hard –  from not getting enough sleep to a few too many proseccos, just recognise when you need to take a step back. Maybe it is London or maybe it’s just me, but the pace of life can be so fast here – long commutes, stressful days, weekends spent trying to see as many friends as possible. And I am my own worst enemy who does not take my own advice until it is too late!

Maybe it was just the January blues, pushing myself a little too hard or some kind of bug just made me feel under the weather but I am happy to see the back to January and feeling cheered up as we edge closer and close to spring. It is light when I leave the house in the morning and sunset signals the time to leave work and not time for my afternoon tea! Oh to say goodbye to frozen fingers and toes as I stand and on my train each day! And when will I ever say goodbye to this cold that has plagued me for the past week!


Resolution time!


It is that time of year –  when people set resolutions, most of which are so tough and life-changing that within a few weeks they are abandoned completely. This is the same thing I have done year after year and this year I have decided to do it a little differently! Instead of radically changing the way I do things, I want to make little changes . In 2015 I realised the importance of putting my own wellbeing first and I am going to try and put that into place even more in 2016!

Have a healthier body…

Okay so I am slightly cheating here –  wrapped up in this are lots of things I want to do to try and be a bit kinder to my body! Here are just a few:

  • Cut out my almost daily can of Coke – the thought of that much sugar freaks me out but I have really struggled with this over the past few years! Here’s to me really trying to kick that habit once and for all!
  • Try and make exercise a more fundamental part of my week –  I would like to lose a few pounds by April and while lots of this needs to come from changes to my diet, I want to prioritise getting to yoga or swimming more regularly and stop it feeling like such a chore.
  • Be more organised about meal planning –  I have a very bad habit of picking up a takeaway on the way home if I have been too disorganised to have any food in! NO MORE….or at least not as often!

…and a healthier mind

In 2015 I definitely realised the impact stress can have, it made me unwell physically and unhappy and got to a point where I realised I needed to reassess what I was doing.  Ever since then I have been trying to recognise the things I need to do to keep a good mental balance. For me these are getting enough sleep, staying active, seeing friends and doing something fun each day to keep me engaged. I am thinking of righting a full post on this in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Read more

I already read quite a lot – my daily commute of an hour each way gives me lots of time to whizz through books but lots of them are quick reads, with not much substance to them. I want to read some of the classics I have been thinking about reading for a while – any recommendations very welcome!


I cannot wait to book holidays for 2016. I am planning a trip to Spain with family, holidays to Cuba and New York and hopefully a little European city break at some point with either Euan or friends.   We also have a wedding coming up in April which are going to try and make into a mini break away in York. Planning definitely helps keep the January blues at bay!

Have you any resolutions or goals you want to achieve in 2016? 





When the sun came out in Copenhagen



On our second and final morning in Copenhagen the sun came out for us at last! We got up early and hopped on bikes for a quick cycle into town


We headed along to Nyhaven, the pretty street filled with brightly coloured houses. We stopped at  [ ], a cute little cafe where we got a Danish breakfast of boiled eggs, rye bread and some yummy granola.



We wanted to spend our last morning having a boat tour around Copehagen and it was so nice to sit in the sunshine, even if it was freezing!

IMG_1104 IMG_1112 IMG_1047 IMG_1063 IMG_1056 IMG_1055 IMG_1062
IMG_1067 IMG_1049

Our final stop of the day was the Church of Our Saviour in the  Christiana area of the city. It is beautiful church which you can climb up to get incredible views of the city. It is only open in good weather and even on a day like this, it was super windy at the top!

IMG_1075 IMG_1103
IMG_1090 IMG_1087 IMG_1085 IMG_1083 IMG_1080
IMG_1072 IMG_1069 IMG_1070

Goodbye Copenhagen –  we loved you and will be back soon as there is so much more to see!